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30 Must Know Dumbbell Exercises for Workouts at Home

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Are your at home workouts with bodyweight becoming dull?

While body weight exercises are amazingly effective and the perfect starting point for most women, doing them day in and day out for months can make even the most exciting, fun calisthenics workout lose its shine and become unexciting and quite frankly, blunt.

Although you can spice up your workout with these 50 new body weight exercises for women, sometimes you just want something more, something like pumping up some iron!

Adding free weights such as dumbbells is a great way to supplement your go-to body-weight workouts such as squats, lunges, and push-ups to rows.

It just gives you another way to add challenge to your favorite moves instead of resorting to the same old take-it up a notch methods like decreasing the base of support and adding reps.

Bringing in dumbbells to your fitness programs also opens up a new array of exercises you couldn’t do before without weights or just didn’t make sense to do the calisthenics way.

These NEW dumbbells exercises are the exact ones you spotted on Jillian Michaels DVDs and Kayla Itsines bikini programs and you’ve been itching to try yourself.

  • Shoulder Scaptions
  • Renegade Rows
  • Shoulder Press
  • Curls to press

… just to name a few.

And of course, dumbbells make it so easy to add external resistance and intensity to your favorite body weight workouts without having to change your body position.

Simply put, they are just excellent way to compliment your favorite, go-to exercises, make them more challenging and keep you progressing to avoid workout and weight loss plateau.

Vast majority of dumbbell exercises are functional exercises because the base movements are coming from bodyweight exercises where all the movements are imitations of real life activities such as sitting (squats), pulling (rows) and walking (lunges).

Dumbbells just exist as added resistance to help you develop more strength and balance while keeping you challenged at every level.

Dumbbell exercises are not only suitable for any fitness level, but also applicable to work any body parts.

This versatility and flexibility of dumbbell exercises makes them a convenient and more importantly suitable choice for both people looking to target a specific body part and those looking to save time and torch more calories in half the time.

Dumbbells are also one of the cheapest fitness equipment you can purchase and use at home.

When utilized fully, they can possibly be the only equipment you need to get fit.

If you don’t, get them on Amazon today to get started on dumbbell exercises to tone up the body and burn calories.

Whether you workout at home or gym, want to tone up or lose excess body fat, you really can’t go wrong with dumbbells.

As accessible as dumbbells, most exercisers unfortunately don’t make the full use of dumbbells.

While many dumbbell workout staples such as bicep curls, lunges and squats are great and widely known, there are countless other exercises you can do with dumbbells that can help you improve flexibility, range of motion and functionality.

Here, we compiled a list of 30 dumbbell exercises to try.

They include lower body exercises such as Romanian deadlifts, Plie squats and farmer’s walk and upper body exercises such as dumbbell curl to press, chest fly and exercise ball prone cobra to target your full body without missing a single key muscle group.

Below is the image list of 30 dumbbell exercises:

30 Dumbbell Exercises to Try

Aside from strengthening your body, dumbbells offer three benefits you cannot get from other gym equipment.

  1. Work with full range of motion
  2. Create muscle balance
  3. Develop stability

Here are the reasons why dumbbells are superior to other hand weight equipment.

Work with full range of motion 

Dumbbells are free weights that offer a greater range of motion. By extending your range of motion, you can challenge yourself by engaging more muscles than exercises with a limited range of motion.

This often translates to faster results and more effective training.

A chest press for instance can be performed with a barbell.

Barbell is another type of weight equipment that offers an excellent way to increase resistance, yet when used with certain exercises such as chest press, it can limit the effect of the press exercise and range of motion.

Unlike dumbbells, your down movement with barbell gets interrupted when the bar hits your chest. This unfortunately happens way before your shoulders hit the lowest point and exercise the full range of motion.

But with dumbbells, your shoulder movement is unrestricted and can fully exercise the full range of motion.

This allows activation of more muscle fiber and stimulation of the muscle tone.

Create muscle balance

Dumbbell exercises offer a way to identify and correct muscle imbalances.

By forcing each arm and leg to lift its fair share of resistance, it limits the dependency on the strong side. Because dumbbell exercises don’t offer a way for the strong side to compensate the work of the weak side, weight is always distributed equally amongst the weak and strong side.

By working each side independently, you can identify your muscle imbalances and correct them by strengthening both sides with the equal amount of weight.

Develop stability

Free weight exercises such as dumbbell exercises are naturally core strength and stabilization focused workouts.

When you sit down on an exercise machine, you are not only limiting muscle engagement but also only utilizing one plane of motion.

On contrary, free weight exercises engage multiple muscles and move in multiple planes of motion causing activation of core and reliance on balance and stabilization.

Only with free weights, you are free to practice movements such as rotational, side to side and front to back, often all in one exercise.

This often leads to activation of smaller muscles that act  as a stabilizer to the joints.

With dumbbells you get the benefits of activation of your muscles for the sake of strengthening but also for stabilization, giving you stronger core and better supported joints.

Discover what more you can do with dumbbells and spice up your exercise routines to get more results and take full advantage of the powerful equipment you have on hand.

Did we miss your favorite dumbbell exercises? Leave us a comment below to let us know. We’d love to hear some of your go-to dumbbell moves.

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