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5 Easy Workouts For Firm Boobs

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Pregnancy, hormone fluctuations and aging can cause breasts to sag. Although aging of the breast tissue and skin is natural, there are some exercises and practices you can use to firm your breasts. Surgical options are available to people who want more dramatic results.

Wear supportive sports bras while you exercise. The breasts bounce and stretch with each jump or step. Women with large breasts should look for underwire sports bras with thick straps.

A sport’s bra should fit more snugly than lingerie. It should wrap around your rib cage.

Sleep on your back. If you favor one side while you sleep, you may find that the top breast sags and stretches more. By staying on your back, you can keep both breasts firmer longer.

Don’t allow weight fluctuations. Yo-yo dieting can lead to stretch marks and inelastic skin. Each time you gain weight, your breasts may appear to sag more when you lose it, because the skin has to stretch around extra fat tissue.

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