“Weight Loss Programs and Dieting”

Weight loss programs are intended to help someone do the difficult task of dieting. For some people dieting is easy and for others dieting is extremely difficult.

It is the act of limiting how much food you ingest from day to day and hour to hour. With America being two-thirds overweight with one-third obese (BMI>30), dieting must be a huge challenge for Americans including myself.

There is a diet I can’t stop hearing about and that is the Paleo Diet. I’m constantly seeing it in my email and know it is a really popular diet to try. There is also the Slim Fast Diet, Zone Diet, Duke Diet, Juice Fast, DASH diet and Diabetes Diet to name just a few (See links at very bottom for a more comprehensive review of various diets).

Advantages/Disadvantages Of Weight Loss Programs

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Diet to look this good

Possible benefits of a weight loss programs are:
  • Improved immune system
  • Heart health (reduced bad cholesterol (LDL), increased good cholesterol (HDL), lower blood pressure, reduced stroke risk, reduced coronary artery disease and reduced heart attack risk
  • Improved energy
  • Improved bowel function
  • Reduced body mass index (goal BMI of 20-25).
    Reduced risk for type 2 diabetes
  • In some instances reduced risk of cancers such as mouth, stomach, colon-rectum and prostate.

While in pharmacy school I learned about different disease states. I couldn’t believe how often I read about the benefits of keeping your weight down. It seems in virtually every ailment, a healthy weight helps you come out on-top.

To start, for men and women I suggest sound up-to-date quality nutritional advice that deserves to be

What Does A Weight Loss Program Typically Entail?

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A weight loss program consists of carbohydrates, fats, protein and fiber and usually exercise which I enjoy. Fiber is important in your diet even though it passes through your body.

A high-fiber diet can lower your bad cholesterol levels (LDL cholesterol), help you have regular bowel movements, improve your blood sugar and treat intestinal problems such as constipation and diarrhea.

Fiber will help you lose weight during the creation of your new body. High fiber foods are typically lower in calories and provide a greater feeling of fullness. Oatmeal and flax seed are optimal choices for your fiber needs.

It is believed that for every 1000 calories consumed you should have at least 14 grams of fiber. In general, men should have 38 grams a day and women 25 grams a day. Americans consume about half of their recommended daily goals, for this reason it is not a bad idea to supplement with Metamucil to get your fiber needs.

High fiber foods are those with more than 20% of the daily value of fiber per serving.

A good way to get more fiber into your diet is with breakfast. You can get a great tasting high fiber breakfast cereal at Whole Foods called Puffins. Other tasty options for fiber are fruits, vegetables and whole-grains.

See the dieting links below, perhaps one of these diets will be your last because you will not ever need another. Wouldn’t that be nice? Personally, I do not need another diet, because I found the HCG diet, the one diet that works for me. I tried a couple of diets before finding HCG.

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